Power from the Sun: The Chronicles of Veiled

Veiled! Weird name, right? I though so too in the beginning.

As many other entrepreneurs, my story also begins at the university. I completed my master degree in the Netherlands and specialised in Energy and Climate Change law. The more I studied about fossil fuels the more I came to appreciate renewable energy. I believed — and still do — that renewable energy is the only source of energy that will help people to cover their future energy needs for the years to come. I believe there is no need to mention the — so many times told — positive impact of using renewable energy sources to the environment.

After my studies I came back to the beautiful island of Cyprus which has sunny weather all year around. Please also note that I am not a person that would really be bothered with charging all the devices and be punctual about it. I’m punctual about other stuff but not that!

So one day when I found myself ready to go out but with no battery either in my phone, tablet or laptop, I got the “bright idea” of creating a charger that will charge devices using sun’s energy! And while I thought I had a groundbreaking idea this technology already existed. I decided to search for one… Wasn’t happy with the results in terms of design and performance reviews… and so the idea of making a solar charger with a minimal design and improved specifications was born. Veiled Solar Charger hits the global market featuring optimal size, high battery capacity and performance, maximum sun exposure, USB C port, fast charging 3.0 technology and wood as a primary material!

Now, a little bit about the name ‘Veiled’. As some of you may know Veiled is a species of chameleon, the species that blends easily into its environment. Having made the first solar charger sample many people were wondering what it is, since it looks like a piece of furniture rather than a high-performance device. We wanted to create a device that blends into the user’s home environment smoothly supporting all other devices. We wanted to bring renewable energy in everyday life with a twist of innovative design and unmatched performance.

Now the question is… where can I find that Kickstarter campaign link?

Search no more peeps! It’s here!