On Dissociation and Reclaiming Embodied Sexuality
Alex S. Morgan

Thank you so much! As someone who has struggled much of my life with a laundry list of forms of dissociative issues, including (the short version) gender nonconformity, repeated childhood sexual brutalization, complex PTSD/borderline personality disorder, and a former survival sex worker who was trafficked for a time (yada yada blah blah blah the list goes on)… I often forget that it’s hard enough (in a first-world-problem sense) in puritan-derived Western society to stay present in the body during everyday interactions — let alone when we try to be intimate and vulnerable with each other romantically and/or sexually!

Thank you very much for the eloquent reminder — intimacy is awkward for everyone, not just me!


p.s. End the War on Vice! Rights, not rescue! Nothing about us without us!