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Shortening URLs makes long and obscure URLs look better and allows for going back and quickly editing the URLs they replace. Tweets, emails and many other things can’t be edited. However, URLs don’t have to be set in stone. The following are three ways of shortening URLs with Firebase.


  • Sign in to Firebase and create a new project.
  • Go to the Hosting tab from the sidebar and add a new site.
    (No need to setup CLI or install anything at this point.)

1. Dynamic Links

As the official successor to Google URL Shortener (migration guide), Dynamic Links provide a quick and easy, no code required, approach to setting up custom URLs. …

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Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Rubber band scrolling is beautiful. 🌊

This is a very controversial topic, but one thing is certain. The elastic bounce effect present everywhere in iOS is glorious 🤩 and it is almost nowhere to be found in Android. This post won’t dive into the question of why, but rather address the question of how, and Flutter makes this extremely easy.

Step 1: Subclass ScrollBehaviour

The effect we’re looking for is called BouncingScrollPhysics but to apply it globally we need our own BounceScrollBehavior:

class BounceScrollBehavior extends ScrollBehavior {
getScrollPhysics(_) => const BouncingScrollPhysics();

Step 2: Wrap the root view with a ScrollConfiguration

home: ScrollConfiguration(
behavior: BounceScrollBehavior(),
child: HomePage(),

Before and After:

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Bonus tip: Use horizontal-slide-in as the default navigation transition on Android

Add a page transition theme to MaterialApp’s theme:

theme: ThemeData(
pageTransitionsTheme: PageTransitionsTheme(
builders: <TargetPlatform, PageTransitionsBuilder>{ CupertinoPageTransitionsBuilder(),
TargetPlatform.iOS: CupertinoPageTransitionsBuilder(),

You can find the source with an example app here.

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Photo by Markus Petritz on Unsplash

Shortcuts make us more productive.

While it is true that saving a few seconds here and there doesn’t make a lot of difference, it is the positive effect on our focus that makes shortcuts so useful. They create a bridge of instant communication between us and our computers in a way that blends into the background, inducing us into a state of flow. It doesn’t even seem too far fetched to suggest that shortcuts, when used extensively, also allow us to experience software in very similar ways to how drivers experience cars as an extension of their bodies.

What is a Hyper shortcut?

A hyper shortcut is simply hyper key + another key.
The hyper key is usually chosen to be the caps lock key but to make it work with other keys as a combination, it is remapped to control + option + command + shift. Every time you press caps lock, it would be just as if you pressed all of the above keys at the same time. …


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