The Shift


To begin, I’d like to state my purpose. Starting a log and working through this process with a journal of sorts will help me, and perhaps others. It’s about staying honest. Hold me to it.

Now, to business. You might not be familiar with the 90 Day Shift. Read about it here: I’m at the right time in my life to give this a serious try. It melds very nicely into the physical transformation I’ve recently started on, so, I’ve decided to combine them for a complete change of how I view my own reality.

I intend to post things related to the traditional shift here, as it’s relevant or requested, but the main goal of this collection of virtual scrawls will be to document how I, as a vegan, will work through the body transformation process. If you are already a vegan, you are painfully aware of the scrutiny it draws. Questions about nutrition (protein, protein, protein…), defensive arguments, and doubts over your actual health levels are common outside of your circle of veg friends. I intend to take myself (and whomever might read this) through a physical transformation to show it can be done by anyone.

I’ve never been “built” in any sense of the word. At best, I’ve had strong legs. Although I’ve enjoyed and played different sports (recreationally, only), I’ve never had a body that with gave any indication I had ever worked out. This is going to be new for me. If I can achieve the aesthetics that I want on a plant-based diet, I feel strongly that anyone can.

If you’re not vegan/vegetarian and plan on trying it out, just be prepared. Literally prepared, with knowledge. As someone taking an interest in your diet, it’s important that you know much more about health and nutrition than someone that spouts of cliché arguments. I hope to help you out there, as well.

The Plan


For the mental aspect, I will follow the steps set in the 90 Day Shift. My day has already started, so, I’ve completed several steps already.

I’m having fun with it, because I want it to be fun. Life should be fun! If your life is not fun, I urge you to find some sort of happiness, no matter how small, and enjoy it. Smile. Laugh. We aren’t here long enough to dwell on negative thoughts for too long. They will come. Acknowledge them, accept them, let them pass. Struggling with things you can’t change is like trying to wrestle water in a river.


I have always had a bit of a paunch. I’ve always just accepted it. I want to see if I can challenge that thing about myself that I’ve taken as a true fact. I am following the leangains approach to intermittent fasting and training:

  • No food from 9PM-12PM the next day (coffee and tea are okay)
  • Three meals from 12PM-9PM
  • Enough protein to allow for building of muscle mass
  • Supplements to round out nutrition
  • 4L of water per day

I’ve been doing this for for a week, and I have seen fat loss. I know that I need to make some adjustments, because I am not getting enough calories. The calorie deficit is a complete 180 degree difference in before I started on this plan. I was barely maintaining my weight, even with high intensity cardio three times a week (vegan junk food is real, especially in Portland).

I’m still working on finding the best supplements, but for now it’s as follows:

  • Food Based One-a-Day Multivitamin
  • Liquid Iron
  • Vitamin D
  • Vegan Omega-3
  • Creatine
  • L-Glutamine

I also have NOW Pea Protein that I’m mixing with Soy and/or Almond milk (great for calcium).

As for workouts; I am doing bodyweight exercises and starting small:

Monday, Wednesday, Friday: 3x8 Pull-ups, 3x8 Push-ups (using rings). I’m also doing stretches, and planks to work my core. My upper body needs to catch up with my lower body. I plan on adding more as I progress (I will note the changes).

Tuesday, Thursday: Stationary Bike, High Intensity Cardio. 5 minute warmup, then intervals of 60 seconds high intensity/low intensity, at least 5 times.


I have no idea if anyone will read this other than myself, but, honestly, I’m doing it for me. I might venture off-topic here and there. I will post meal information and workout progressions regularly. I will talk about what is working and what isn’t, what frustrations I’m having, and how my mood is.

Now for the thousand mile journey...

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