Why Learn Functional Programming in JavaScript? (Composing Software)
Eric Elliott


I am so glad that I can read the stuff you write here, so succinctly. The more I read the better I understand when and how to apply small FP steps and techniques you describe here in everyday C#/JS I write. The biggest step in learning FP to me is understanding the Point-Free style of writing functions, i.e. function invocation. But that did not stop me. It is just jargon. Every discipline has its jargon.

I found this document very helpful in grasping the basic FP jargon: https://github.com/hemanth/functional-programming-jargon

The Monad as a monoid endofucntor is actually a really cool explanation after you get through the jargon.

As you said, impenetrable academic vocabulary… I guess is mainly the thing that stops people for taking a deeper dive and taking a look or to start refactoring their 10 y/o JavaScript that left for dead (because what works should be left like that… huh). I appreciate being a programmer every day and the very fact that the same child curiosity i had as a kid is driving me to learn new (now I see stuff since LISP) styles like FP. So far, for me, JavaScript has been the best language to play with and explore programming in general.

Please keep up this useful writing.

All the best,

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