Italians Have Already Seen the Ending to the Donald Trump Movie
Giulia Blasi

The misogyny seen in the US differs from its sad Italian counterpart, I think, in that here in the US ours is veiled with a thin layer of puritanism, and doesn’t splash off the screen in such a clownish, game-show fashion. Some of the sexism in America is hidden (“the boys are just celebrating a bachelor party at a strip club — what’s the harm in that?”) or justified (“well, she’s really too old to be on TV news now”). But I doubt there’s any difference in the harm either the bunga-bunga Berlusconi style or the locker-room-talk from Trump wreaks. I wish your words were just charitable (and good) advice, but an insanity like electing Trump would be terrible for Italy and Europe just as much as for the US. Cross your fingers for us all.

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