The Product Manager’s Essential Reading List for 2018
Simon Cross

Came upon this post, interesting list, will use some of it. Here is my feedback on 3 of the books:

“Visual Display of Quant Info” by Tufte is an essential book! I’ve had it since my first days in quant research. It’s easy and light read, great reference and practically timeless today when you have to present quant info, but also dissect poorly presented quant info.

“Fooled by randomness” by Taleb, I wish I had read this ~20 years ago when it came out. It’s even more essential today when you see how much of our daily lives are governed by stats and probability. It has great and timeless advice on thinking probabilistically and avoiding pitfalls of probability. I’d add “Undoing Project” by Michael Lewis, and “Thinking fast and slow” by Danny Khaneman to complement this book. They round out the themes.

“Antifragile” I’m in the middle, worth reading.


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