Females will bring the gender equality

In this era of knowledge, intelligence and creativity females had never been so near to equality. There is no reason for men to seen superior over women just due to their gender.

But they are women who will show to others whether that truth works or not in real life. By their thoughts, attitudes and behaviors in their relations and workplaces they can tell us that they are equal creatures. I mean they should believe in equality and behave accordingly. Not only in rights but in responsibilities too.

Here is my story with a girl

Me and my gf live in different countries. She lives in Northwest Africa. I live in Turkey. In our relation we think serious and doing plans for marriage this summer. She will move to Turkey then.

She is nice, elegant and smart. I like many features with her. Except money issues. She sometimes requests for money. For reasons like traveling to France or another city in her country. If I tell her I can’t afford to send money this time she starts talking about my responsibilities as the man in the relation.

And she always has urgent demands. She calls and requests money for the same day. Not When planning. Or the time before she needs. So I should be ready materially for her emergency requests.

Yesterday she demanded again. I told her I rented a house and bought equipments and not able to send money. If She asked one week before I could. I told her that. Here is her answer: If u can’t send me this amount today How can u give me gifts, dinners and many others in marriage?

She always does that. She behaves like my first priority in that relation is to look after her in material terms.

And I started thinking on whether should I continue with that girl. Cuz for me love, care, feelings, understanding and communication are above all in a relation. After them other issues come.

I m in very need of any advice and comments from you. Have a nice weekend.

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