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Just a question

I`ve been reading the articles and poems on medium for 4 months with pleasure and curiosity. They also give me a lot in understanding western people minds especially of Americans.

Love and sex are important parts of human life. We all know that. But there is a difference between us. I m a Turkish and a muslim. They are just important ‘part’s of life for us.

But it seems they are like the core of life for you as Americans. They are like the ultimate target of life for you. Love and sex seem like worship for you. That is too much for me/us.

Love and sex can not open the doors of all secrets of life. They can just give temporary release, power and joy in the pursuit of life’s real meanings.

That unsimilarity between us is maybe cuz of our cultural, philosophical and historical differences. A western mind is being shaped by hedonist and joy-seeking cultural and intellectual roots while we, easterns, have been the childs of spiritual development searchs throughout the history.

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