You know those arguments couples get into, that usually go a little something like this —
Zõmbïē Sølö


Men are like Michael. They communicate but mainly not vocally. So you, as a woman, has to get his messages behind his oral communication.

From your writing I got his message and will. They are obvious and clear. He doesn’t agree with the way you want to live. Cuz I’m a man and can understand him by his attitude that you told us about.

They say women are complex in communication. But no. They are clear-cut in their communication and messages. But actually men are complex in communication. They give little part of their mind and heart to out. They are not as brave as women in that. So you should clarify that point with him: What is the real reason behind his hesitation with your lifestyle demand? The real reason can be that he doesn’t love you enough to go into that change with you. Or he doesn’t like to live with such a lifestyle. Maybe he is happy with current situation while you are not. Your great excitement with your will is maybe preventing him to convey his thoughts. Cuz men are hesitant in doing or talking anything that will make their women unhappy. Cuz that automatically makes them unhappy.

So his hesitation can be cuz of 2 reasons. He either loves you but not likes your idea, so he doesn’t give you his real thought about it not to create unhappiness at home. Or he doesn’t love you enough to change his current situation just because you want. But I feel the first is true. So try to make some amendments with your will so that you can meet on the same point.

I wish you all the happiness. ..

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