Why are smart men more often left alone and it is much more difficult for them to build relationships with women?

For many smart men, who are objectively smarter than most people, it can be frustrating to realize that men with much less intelligence are generally far more effective at getting to know women of all categories and ages. And this is true, I have seen a lot of bewilderment from men with great perspectives. Let’s try to figure out whether the whole problem lies in the inability to communicate with people, or is it something more?

Yes, even though it is intelligence that gives us the ability to think, learn, build a career, solve problems and adapt to new life situations, it is intelligence that affects the way we interact with other people. True love itself is very difficult to find, and it is even more difficult for smart people to find it.

In one of the popular British scientific journals “British Journal of Psychology” it was told that women, judging by many studies and social polls, for the most part shy away from the smartest men and avoid them. Let’s try to formulate 3 reasons why this is so.

Women often don’t like smart men.

According to a study conducted by the four largest Western universities, high IQ in men is an obstacle for women themselves, who primarily want to get married.

Women most often responded that they were not interested in being too smart, because they are mostly boring, selfish, stubborn, and in many ways they prefer a woman who is an old-fashioned wife, takes care of the house and is a copy of their mothers.

That is why women immediately try to avoid the most intelligent men, and give preference to those men who can provide them with instant excitement, fun, fear and the rest of the spectrum of emotions, which will very quickly develop into relationships and marriage.

An exception to the rule may be marriage to a smart man, if the girl herself has a high level of intelligence, but more often it is just a marriage or a relationship for financial gain, and even then a very smart man has too high a chance of being lonely in the future.

Most smart men just don’t know how to communicate with women.

Such men in their early youth were probably very good, for example, in mathematics, physics, had a high IQ, etc. However, he most likely devoted most of his free time to self-development, while his peers were constantly changing girls. converged / disagreed with them, and also gained experience in the ability to communicate and understand female psychology.

As smart men grow up, they continue to believe that the best way to be interesting to women is through a “rational and logical approach,” and that they can make women admire just by being “good” guys. Hence, it turns out that smart men try to get acquainted gallantly, use boring (for women) sentences, conduct a dialogue with a bias on smart topics, throw gifts at women and constantly ask them if they are comfortable with them, whether they enjoy their company, thereby showing in front of women their insecurity. They don’t know that most women hate insecure men.

Smart men just often do not have a sufficient level of skills that allow them to show the necessary dominance and courageous charisma, as well as banal flirting skills. In turn, not every girl is able to tolerate and teach him a little.

Many girls are not smart enough for smart men.

Yes, this is one of the fundamental reasons why many intelligent men or geniuses have often remained lonely in history.

When a man is smart, he has flexible thinking, he knows his advantages and disadvantages, and he also knows that the whole world is unknown, so he tries to constantly self-develop and improve. When a man is busy with constant self-development, he begins to understand that most of the girls around him simply cannot share his interests, they cannot become people close to him who could teach him something new, share knowledge or skills. He is simply not interested in communicating with them, and not in living or building a full-fledged family.

That is why smart men believe that there are only “dumb women” around, and women consider such men boring and prefer dumb, but dominant men, even if in the future they regret not choosing someone smarter.

These are the most common opinions regarding this problem. However, it should be noted that the banal inability to meet and lure girls is not the main reason. This is a problem, but it is much more difficult for such men to act further, because they have no experience, and modern girls do not often give them enough time for self-development. The standards and principles that a man has in his head about relationships do not always coincide with reality. Which of course disappoints them even more.

Not a writer, but just a skeptic