Revealed: the TRUTH behind the moon landing and 9/11 conspiracies
University of Cambridge

“Conspiracy theory” is a pejorative term invented by the establishment to debunk critical analysis of injurious operations it effects or facilitates as part of a strategic agenda. That includes false flag operations like the 9/11 attacks and possibly even the Pearl Harbor attack (depending on the veracity of the contention that FDR was ignorant of the movements of the Japanese fleet despite intelligence reports available through the FOIA), both of which achieved the breakdown of Congressional resistance to military mobilization. Every executive branch official acts in accordance with strategic and tactical plans and these often require egregious actions to force ahead. Since the end of WW2 as Eisenhower warned an unelected coalition has formed that most likely governs the executive branch through covert operations; for example, the CIA is now mostly self-funded and independent of any oversight. Given the peril of the nuclear age what evolved may have been entirely justified in the eyes of the original architects of our current “post-lawful” government. What is most shocking to me is how obvious lies can be perpetrated and swallowed hook line and sinker by an uncritical populace. The majority of Americans seem to relish in an opportunity to display their xenophobia with military force, a fact well understood by the government (the lawful and unlawful elements). Confirmation bias is a powerful tool.

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