Call of Duty Easter Egg: Hides Pro-Crypto Message in Black Ops 3

Moving through the crumbing streets of a gang-run Singapore, in the midst of a raging storm, you can find a billboard ad standing as a stark reminder to why the crypto push started. Confidence in the future will not come through the centralized validation offered by today.

“‘Live life in confidence knowing your bank will take care of your future.’
-Leah Nguyen”

The seemingly fictional person, Leah Nguyen advertises a financial answer to the reader’s worries over the future and clearly Activision (Treyarch?) is taking a jab at traditional banking. For those of you who have not played the block buster game, it is set in a post apocalyptic world but this specific mission is in the collapsing structures of a walled-off metropolis without rule:

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How To Find The Easter Egg

  • Mission: In Darkness.
  • Location: As you approach the communications relay station.
  • How to get there:
    Take the staircase on the right (exterior staircase, above the ruble). From the higher landings, look over the water and you will see the billboard ad.

Why you will see more Gamers and Gaming companies promoting crypto-currency (Not What You Think)

Gaming is rapidly transforming from simulated narratives, to alternative narratives. Games look more realistic, it makes sense that the content will follow too. Narratives, rules, locations and interactions are becoming as close to “real life” as possible. Which is why, while blowing off steam on Call of Duty, the Easter Egg resonated with me. Crypto-currency is the new ‘realistic’ system of finances. Think about it;

1) The rules are fixed — no cheating

2) Permissions are maintained by a system, and not a person — no bias

3) Limitless — trading (or simply spending) is borderless and is limited by nothing

4) Runs on your time — no more loading screens to get to value

Obviously not all crypto-currency projects are equal, and there is risk in participating. But gamers fight every fight uphill, against challenging odds, as a member of a bigger movement, and all for the glory of getting to the top. Gamers are pro crypto-currencies not because they are an end all solution but because as a gamer, and within the space of the game, you control the outcome. It makes sense then that greater numbers of video game companies will get behind the push to personal control of currency. (Bitcoin for DLC?)

Comparing the “hot” projects right now show some clear differences but a loud commonality is present as well. Crypto-currency projects are evolving to respond to the walled gardens made by individual coins. “Multi-chain” projects are popping up attempting to provide answers to this need. All fueled by the community responding to a need: Interoperable utility (paying with one coin, for the features found on another). The best example of borderless solutions is Block Collider, but a good comparison of the multi-chain projects can be found here.

Fundamentally, crypto-currencies are dynamic in nature and adaptable, some more than others though. Yet the underlying context is there, like the controller in a gamer’s hands, whoever owns Bitcoin, Ethereum, or Emblems, controls the chaos.

My Tag

I am avid support of the space and as such only earn crypto for all my tasks. Most of the things I am involved with are at a pseudo anonymous level and, to the extent that I can, what I build will always be the technologies that solve; cheating, bias, limits, and loading.

We can play games all day, but not with people’s money. Thanks Call of Duty for being one of the good guys.

“…watch closely and don’t be afraid to see what you see.” — U.S. Pres. R. Reagan

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