Best PHP CMS for Java Developers?

As a PHP developer you may have come across the saying that PHP is becoming like Java. Technically this is obviously not true, as PHP is running on a completely different technical platform. There are a lot of languages running on JVM, but PHP is not (officially) one of them.

The “Javafication” of PHP means the maturing of the language and the syntax of applications are adopting more advanced Object Oriented Programming (OOP) methodologies. This does not take anything away from PHP’s legacy as a straightforward and quick-to-get-started-with reputation.

Many PHP applications have been developed for well over a decade now. Many of these have become large applications that require the kind of structure OOP is good at. On the web Content Management Systems (CMS) rule as number one applications for all kinds of web applications.

Some think Java as a language is not ideal for web development due to the nature of the development cycle and complexity. PHP is better for some cases, now even JavaScript is a viable option for back end integrations and more.

If you’re moving from a Java content management system to one written in PHP, which should you choose?

eZ Platform is a very good choice as it is completely written on top of the Symfony Framework, which takes a lot of inspiration from the Spring framework. A lot of the paradigms and practises of modern PHP and Symfony are immediately familiar to Java developers.

So if you are looking at adopting an enterprise grade PHP CMS for developers with a Java background, I recommend taking a look at eZ Platform: A CMS built with the Symfony Framework.