eZ Platform as a Symfony Integration Platform and an alternative UI to Sonata Admin

A long term vendor of Content Management tools, eZ Systems, yesterday released it’s latest generation of products: eZ Platform and eZ Studio.

With eZ Platform providing core Content Management functionalities and eZ Studio enhancing adding to those capabilities it’s easy to dismiss it as a mere CMS.

Drupal and WordPress, for example, are strongly coupled with of their custom content models and supporting infrastructure, where as eZ Platform is built on a general purpose web framework. I

What is lacking in the Symfony Community is a clear, recognisable design of what Symfony is. There are plenty of admin user interfaces for Symfony, but not one of these is as defining as the ones of Drupal or WordPress.

eZ Platform is built on top of the Symfony Framework and offers an extensible UI. It offers a framework for both backend view development (through PJAX), allowing developers to custom functionalities using the Symfony framework infrastructure, including various ORMs and the and form component.

Alternatively developers can add functionality using the UI framework and the extensible RESTful API model the core content repository has to offer. All of this is subject to the sophisticated permission system and site configuration, possibly enabling a powerful central control over multiple microservices built with various technologies.

With Microsoft Sway and others demonstrating how various data sources like Social Media, Video Platforms and Search will merge into one experience, the Open Source content management systems need to transform from content storage abstractions to melting pots of content streams.

With the semantic model allowing for users to embed various content entities in the richtext fields, eZ Platform is enabled to merge data to create seamless experiences for both content creators and consumers.