WordPress Killed PHP, LOL

Ever since I’ve worked with PHP for web development it’s been dead or dying. Initially it was just considered as a nuisance that will wither out soon enough. In the death of PHP people are pointing at WordPress adopting JavaScript.

In other words leaving Dries Buytaert of Drupal to eat the dust of the WordPress icon Matt Mullenweg as Acquia scrambles to catch up with Automattic. Drupal invested heavily in PHP with Drupal 8 and this effort is yet to bear fruit, just as WordPresses detachment from PHP.

Key being that PHP is well worth investing in and if WordPress has chosen not to try to revamp their rotten codebase with PHP it’s completely understandable. A complete rewrite of an existing piece of software is no eZ task, but snuffing off PHP as dead just because WordPress is moving away is…

I think that the PHP world needs to wake up. We are becoming the Cobol of the internet. PHP7 is a move in the right direction but not nearly enough. Time to wake up folks; WP is moving away from PHP.
The Genius of Wordpress (and why it’s doomed)

I agree that JavaScript has a unique position due to it’s relation with web browsers. But what would be enough to keep PHP “on top” then? And is a JavaScript backend inherently better than one written in any other language?

Some people have also been touting the death of Java for easily over a decade now, mocking it as a sunset technology. Yet it continues to be used here and is even the #1 language on the Tiobe index for January 2016.

Eventually people will get tired of JavaScript too once it matures and becomes a structured platform slow to develop. Still people will keep on work it, but will use the latest lightweight and straightforward technologies for their personal projects and front ends.