Velocia Inc. Welcomes Toyota Tsusho Canada Inc. to its Advisory Board

Toronto, ON, December 4, 2018, Velocia Inc. (Velocia) and Toyota Tsusho Canada Inc. (TTCI) are pleased to announce that TTCI has joined Velocia’s advisory board. Alongside other representatives from global automotive OEMs, blockchain pioneers, mobility experts, and other thought leaders in mobility, TTCI joins an advisory board committed to the advancement of mobility uses for various stakeholders, including OEMs, municipalities, and public transit authorities.

As a member of Velocia’s advisory board, TTCI will advise the company on its strategic vision for blockchain-based, open loyalty network for urban mobility. “As a member of Velocia’s advisory board, we are excited to provide strategic advisory services to the Velocia team as they push the frontier of mobility technologies to have blockchain and mobility interact closely together to provide real world applications that improve transportation for all,” commented Hidetoshi Tada, President of TTCI.

Velocia is excited to have TTCI’s advice and consultation in the company’s development of new innovations in mobility. “The mobility space is experiencing significant disruption. In light of these headwinds, traditional mobility players, such as automotive OEMs, are searching for ways to engage further with their customers, including millennials who may never purchase their own vehicle,” stated David Winterstein, CEO of Velocia.

Winterstein continued, “the support we have received from TTCI is validation that Velocia is addressing these issues first hand, and that blockchain has the potential to power real-world applications for the mass market. We are excited to work with such an amazing organization as we develop the first open loyalty network for urban mobility.”

About TTCI

TTCI is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho America, Inc. which, in turn, is a wholly-owned subsidiary of Toyota Tsusho Corporation, the trading affiliate of the Toyota Group companies. The Toyota Tsusho group has been involved in the trading business in Canada since the 1980’s and founded TTCI as a trading and supply-chain specialist in Canada in 2002. Over the past two decades, TTCI has evolved from a trader in a limited number of commodities and finished goods to a multi-business enterprise which combines international trading with an expansive range of domestically targeted functions, such as supply-chain services and intermediate goods processing.

About Velocia

Velocia is an open loyalty network for urban mobility and transportation services, relying in part on decentralized technologies, such as the Aion blockchain, to power its functionality. Velocia brings together all mobility participants, so users, service providers, and other stakeholders can interact directly and seamlessly.