One thing about having Barack Obama, Jr.,
Andrew Rei

Well put.

This is exactly why I can’t possibly orient myself towards a party. Having 'sides' only distracts from finding the deeper, granular, more intricate truths about what is *truly* causing our universally shared problems. Red and Blue thinking is just as binary as Black and White thinking, and it keeps us in a perpetual state of ignorance. The concept of “Us and Them” is for those who are unable to think critically, or more often is the case, just refuse to. As P. Floyd says, it *is* “what the fighting’s all about.”

Every last one of us is a unique being with particular desires, particular joys, particular pains and particular fears. Fully subscribing to group thinking is to lie to yourself and others about who and what you really are. And you are so many, many things.

Groups have always existed to primarily make processing and organizing information easier, not more accurate. With near ubiquitous access to the internet and it’s host of information, we now have little excuse as a species for not putting more self directed and specific research into everything we decide upon. More than anything, salvation will come from those who search themselves and others for truth and self-education. The more we enable ourselves to think, the less we need to group beliefs and actions. The less we do that, the more we can understand each other. Maybe then we won’t fear as much. Perhaps then we will empathize instead. We might even change.

So please: Think and learn as much as you feel and enrich your mind and the body that fuels it.

Because doing this for yourself serves all.


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