Gravel Hell

I’m posting this basically just to put it out there. Especially before a certain popular bike blog makes public some very similar looking merchandise material. To claim I came up with the peace saguaro first (at least in this context).

Disclaimer: this isn’t a real event, though I would posit that any of the gravel rides I’ve been on could easily be described by this poster, specifically, the ride I did on Valentines Day of 2016 with my friend Ben, down to the bike on the front, which you will recognize if you have ridden with Ben.

The beer can is an expertly illustrated simulacrum of local favorite Kirkland Light Beer, mistakenly believed by some to contain 6g of protein. It is not being littered on the side of the road, but actively consumed in an attempt to stave off the inevitable crushing of spirits commonly experienced by anyone who sets out to “grind gravel” out in the central Arizona desert.

But at least the native flora might wish you well in your dehydrated stupor.