Why Scratch and “intro languages” are still relevant in teaching kids programming
Amish Shah

I’d like to add to the relevance of systems like Scratch with the idea that it can give an introduction to programming for children that do not yet have the capacity to code. While my 6 year old daughter can most definitely learn the tenants of programming from Code.org, she barely knows where the “shift” key is and I don’t think she even knows what a semicolon is. Asking here to write JavaScript would be like asking her to drive a car — she’s not there yet.

The use of graphical interfaces as a stepping stone for actual code is a great tool for a lot of users — I introduced myself to HTML 20 years ago by using FrontPage 98, saving the file and looking at the source code. Then, if I recall, I made it cleaner and better. If I can teach my daughter the same, we’ll have a new great programmer in a few years!

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