Little-Man Dunking Report: Week 3

Week 3 is in the books.

This week I got a surprising number of looks from people at the gym and I don’t think they were checking out my sweet physique. I started working out earlier in the mornings, around 5:30 AM, and I have been gaining an audience whenever I start doing box jumps.

It feels weird to have people staring at me every time I jump.

The trainers at the gym all know who I am now. I suspect one of the trainers doesn’t like me very much. I get the feeling that he believes I use the box jump apparatus machine way too much and gets in his way when he is training clients. I don’t think he is completely wrong, but I’m not changing anything. 1st world problems.

In terms of progress, my body is feeling amazing. I am eating much better, drinking a lot more water, and feel much stronger. I have been increasing the weights slowly and I have started to see a gain in muscle weight. My vertical is not improving as quickly as I would like, but it is hard to evaluate after a workout when my body is screaming at me to stop.

Through research, I have learned that it is important to jump with maximum intent, meaning jump as high as possible every time you jump. If you jump at 80% during training, you’re not going to improve your vertical. So I have lowered my reps and have started to focus more on maximum intensity. I haven’t been great about this, so this will need to change.

I will start getting more pictures or videos of my progress. I need to ask random people at the gym to take pictures for me or hire a camera crew. I will talk to guys later.