Adopt a Family’s one year birthday party fed 123 kids

Venezuelan Cryptofamily

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Dear beloved community,

it’s hard to grasp… time is running so fast, project is active more than ever and you, our beloved community are still firing our actions with your donations and lovely words. AND THIS ALREADY FOR ONE FULL YEAR!!

You’re right! Our cryptocurrency based aid project becomes 1 year of a great success.
Let’s have a short look into the past and remember, how things escalated so quickly :-)
On 08.20.2019 I met Simón from Caracas/Venezuela in Discord. A young, funny and ambitious man. At this point a total stranger to me. We started talking ,and I was presenting him my idea of sending him funds via NANO. My idea was just to find a person I can trust and who needs help, to cope with daily situations in Venezuela. At this time I didn’t know much about Venezuela and didn’t know much about hyperinflation, but I knew, that bad things happens there and that the other parts of the world can’t look away! Especially the “rich” European countries and North America. I was keen in finding a family I could support with some money every now and then. Of course by sending funds with the help of a completely new technology — Cryptocurrency with NANO (and later BANANO) as a cross boarder payment system. Just a thing between Simón and me — no greedy intermediary (cross boarder payment services with high fees), no government who could dislike our interactions and no other hurdle as well. All of this shipped smoothly around the world in no time by using crypto without “loosing” any funds the way from my pocket to Simón’s.
Very soon Simón and me became friends, and we were excited discovering the abilities this technology brought mankind. From this day on our friendship was forming and as well a big idea — starting the project “Adopt a Family” as a showcase for the rest of the world, that you don’t need to know each other in person, you don’t have to speak the other’s language, don’t have to know deep details about cryptocurrencies and further no other excuses are valid NOT TO help other people in financially shaken times. All you need is a good heart and a companion I found in Simón ❤

A short view back in the past with great memories. Later on the project was forming step by step, setting up wallets, talking with people in discord about our idea, start writing first articles and then our first distributions in the streets of Caracas. A very big step was then adopting a second family and gaining an everyday growing community. After the second family a third came. We were growing and learning as well (still to this present day). First families left us due to given self-imposed rules and new were coming. We adopted Lilo and Sebas who after this became more than “just” an adopted family, they came to stay and becoming a big part of this project. Helping us first with distributions and now even doing everything around (finding places, logistics, cooking, distribution and many things more).

I can say, for me this project turned out to become one of the best things I’ve ever experienced and I gained so much value out of this. Beside finding a great friend in Simón, meeting such lovely and dedicated people (Lilo and Sebas) and seeing a community of totally strangers who supported us for one year for now, I gained value in seeing people helping each other, experiencing that “the good in persons” is still present these days and that the pure will of helping can build such a great foundation which creates real world value for a lot of people. Creating hope and strengthening the ability in people to help themselves. I’m proud to be a part in “Adopt a Family”, I’m proud to be part of the amazing community in BANANO and NANO and I’m proud of all the trust you guys giving us. Thank you all very much for giving us the chances to help people and thank you all very much to be part of this.

Hopefully you are still reading.. and did’t fall asleep after all the warm words. Then now, the (maybe) more interesting part is about to start.
The birthday distributions!

We decided to make a blast this first birthday. Four distributions in a row. Yes, 4. All of them slightly different, interesting and fruitful. All of them in one big orphanage, luckily our Lilo found and made contact to the event manager. The first is with 12 teenagers (boys), the second with 16 teenagers (girls), the third with 55 children and the last with 40 babies. So in total the birthday distribution fed 123 kids.

But first, as always, we have to prepare the ingredients. Sebas, Lilo and Zuylin went shopping and made some pics for us to get a glimpse, what faces hyperinflation shows in terms of doing groceries.

After exchanging the BANs and the NANOs into the Venezulean currency, Lilo and Sebas has to hurry a lot, buying all the ingredients for the distributions. The two pictures below depict the decline in value (inflation) of the Venezulean Bolivar Soberanos (BS) from one day to the next.

The green arrow indicates how much BS you’ll get in exchange for $1 USD. You may perceive “green” for “good”, but unfortunately it’s the other way round. People in Venezuela lost from one day to the next about 8% purchasing power from their money. Imagine you got $100 on your bank account today. At a rate of 8% loss in purchasing power your per day, your $100 are less than $56 in one single week (compared to USD). So actually IF you got money on your bank account in Venezuela right now, you’ll have an urgent need to buy goods/supplies you need, to flee a devaluation of your recently earned money in this inflationary disaster.

So, what did we buy? We served the kids a popular meal called “Arroz con Pollo” or in English “Chicken with Rice”. Rich in nutrients, protein and fibers. For a nice dose of potassium, we served of course physical bananas ;-) Thanks to BANANO!

By the way, dear enthusiastic reader, the name tags you’ll see here in this article (and in all other already written and upcoming) are some of our beloved and encouraged donors.

The rice and chicken you see above is our basic food for all distributions. Some ingredients like platanos and all the greens were freshly made for every distribution.

So let’s start with our beloved birthday party guests and the presents WE brought to them.

First, some greens. A gift every guest is looking for Sebas, Lilo, Zuylin, Fabio and Sebas mom, are passionate chef’s, who performed magic and turned all the food into Arroz con Pollo.

The gents are teenager and older than the kids in our previous distributions. They are in an age full of curiosity and change. Their mind is open for everything which is new and fancy. So cryptocurrencies are definitely a topic they are keen on. So, when someone tells you about a birthday party you may think about balloons, music, cake and many people chattering and laughing? Right, our part 1/4 turned out like a lecture. The food was served to the gents and everybody was seated well, but ears are open for things Sebas and Gabriela told about this project, where the money came from for the food and how things work in cryptoworld.

Even after lunch the boys were still listening to Sebas words about BANANO and NANO. Lilo felt a little neglected and had fun with herself watching the boys diving more deep into the BANANO Discord server on Sebas’s smartphone.

After the boys had a deep dive into a completely new topic the team prepared for the next distribution. This time ladies were visited. They are in similar age like the boys and very curios too! But before the next lecture of Sebas, let’s prepare the meal or better, let’s watch Lilo being busy..

preparing these..

and let’s watch Sebas presenting the delicious reults :-)

The Ladies were actually even more interested like the boys and because of this, lunch was fast served, so then more time is left for the lecture part.

Sebas’s and Gabriela’s knowledge about cryptocurrency was highly welcomed. In fact all the other pics from our visit at the lady’s place is about listening, education and a deep dive into the BANANO Discord server. Great to see that Sebas’s knowledge is at the right time at the right place!

It seems Lilo and Sebas caught their attention very well and the party was in full swing. What’s the next logical step for this party? Yeah, you said it! MORE knowledge about the shortly discovered topic.

At the end a group photo is of course obligatory and I’m pretty sure this day will be long in the heads of the girls and for at least some of them left behind a little spark, a seed in the brain with the wish, diving deeper into this topic about cryptocurrencies.

The next day is a new day of distribution. Our birthday party spree reached its peak, and we’ll visit the last two groups of our guests — the smallest ones. The kids are below teenager age and maybe more interested in food, making funny pics with Lilo and climbing on Sebas as a medium of transportation. Totally reasonable and finally the birthday party is full of action, joy and little kids screaming and laughing with the team. Some things kids are supposed to do, but first — the preparation of the food!

Lilo, Sebas, Ana and Anderson are meanwhile masters in creating the birthday menu and in short time finishing this nice meal for our little guests. This time getting some help of an “Aunt”, a woman working at the orphanage and take care of the kids.

After the lunch is prepared and ready for serving our little guests are bidden to take a seat and prepare themselves for the official start of the party — Dinner.

You may can imagine our little quests have different ideas of how to celebrate a birthday. Talks about cryptocurrencies, of how to create a wallet and how to earn digital assets to flee hyperinflation and strengthening their financial position in a harsh environment are not that popular. So what’s popular then?

Using Sebas as a climb tree for example.

Using Sebas as a foto model… or showing love for our beloved supporters…

Having a crazy and funny time with Lilo…

Having more crazy and funny times with Lilo (just because it’s so funny and actually she’s a pro in making grimaces…

Or Just making some pics with Lilo and Sebas together. Both good hearted people of our strong team combined with a grimacing pro in the making.

At the end of distribution of round no. 3 a nice group picture was taken. A party with Lilo, Sebas and some nice food and superb activities and games comes to an end and stays in remembrance.

The last distribution round was a more calm and relaxing round for both. This time it is baby time and the smallest ones get their share of the food and having a small but fine party together. The round of our little guests is a bit smaller, but this leaves more time for going more deep in conversations about crypto and the tendencies of hyperinflationary properties of FIAT-currencies in general. Just kidding, in fact the distribution with the babies was fun, but less talking and more smiling. It’s been a long and exhaustive day, no need for more talking.

These four distributions were funny, informative/educational and very heartwarming to see, of how much food we could supply to how many children. You may remember our first steps and see us now. We’ve come a long way in this first year and feeling pumped and excited to let the upcoming year at least be so successful like the first. We are very proud you, my dear reader, accompanied us and spend us the necessary funds to make these children see some light in dark times or expose them to valuable knowledge. We are very proud about the teenagers who are so interested into this technology and made with our help the very first steps into cryptoworld. Some of them even created accounts in Discord and joined the BANANO-server, the place Simón and I met. There’s a saying “They sow the wind and reap the whirlwind” which is out of context of its origin, but I think it fits perfect! Look at these teenagers, after exposing them to the potential ability to have a chance in life of being at least somewhat more independent by using this technology. They are young and curios about everything new and interesting. To make them aware we only need some food, time and crypto-enthusiasts like Sebas and Lilo. Some of them will adapt this technology and will use them like FIAT is used. “The wind” are these small events, these occurrences made. “The whirlwind” will form within the next years by far more adoption of these kids and teenagers all over the world. In this sense we, the team behind “Adopt a Family” (Lilo, Sebas, Simón and Fabian) want to thank you very very much. You are the wind, we are the wind, let us form the whirlwind within the next years and let’s fight further against dark times, deficiencies of FIAT and let’s stay strong together for a combined world.

Lilo, Lilo’s mom, Sebas, Sebas mom, Gabriela, Zuylin, Fabio, Simón and I.

P.S. We wanna especially thank David, a German supporter who spend us during distribution a huge amount of BANs, which himself make him a supporter of a full monthly family support. He’s the operator of the gambling site

Venezuelan Cryptofamily

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A cryptocurrency based aid project for families in Venezuela

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