Christmas time in Venezuela - gift time (Photo-Story)

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Haven’t you heard? It’s Christmas time!
Christmas is the time, people come closer. It’s a time to experience valuable time with your beloved ones. It’s a time to care about others, of creating a feeling of love and joy - the spirit of Christmas.

Unfortunately Christmas time is also the time in year, a lot of people do not enjoy. Not because of being a Grinch, but because circumstances do not allow them to feel that joy, every kid, every person is looking forward to.
This is true for Christmas, as well as Eid al-Adha or any other feast day around the globe.

Christmas time is a time to especially care about others. This time the cryptocurrency based project “Adopt a family” has the first time and chance to exactly do this — at Caracas/Venezuela.
A country which suffers a hyper inflation with the very most inhabitants suffer hunger and totally lack of funds, work and even sometimes hope…

The project is based in Venezuela/Caracas and Germany/Hamburg.
(To learn more about this project, please see HERE and HERE).
Simón and I were able to gather some nice donations out of the brightly colored crypto community, especially the BANANO cryptocurrency community.

Announcement on Instagram —

The project received enough funds to buy about 40 breads, 2 kg of cheese and 10 kg of tangerine. Isn’t that an awesome amount of food?

Bread, lovely made to cheese sandwiches

On 2018.12.11. Simón went to exchange the received cryptocurrency into Bolivian Soberanos — the national currency of Venezuela — and went buying all the food.

All set, so let’s go!

While preparing everything and setting things up, Simón truly felt the spirit of Christmas while texting me here in Germany about the progression. He was very keen and was looking for the next day, to share all this food with people in his neighborhood. People like you and me, just living in times they can not afford to buy enough food for their daily needs.
Two very good friends of Simón spontaneously decided to help him with distribution — Ana and Lilo :-)

The three friends decided to go by car. By this they can reach fast a lot of people and bring them safely the food.

Several groups of different people were met.

A lot of young people were reached…

gifted with some food and the spirit of Christmas…

as well as elderly people and…

familys and…

even some homeless people. Some of them sadly in very bad conditions, which needed the help at most.

At the end of the day about 50 persons were reached by Simón and his two friends. All of them received some foods. All of the received a gift of heard, wrapped in the spirit of christmas.

The first intent of this project is giving families in Venezuela a kind of monthly income. A small income, just enough to financing some food and daily needs — for at least a month. To give the whole family a breather, to ease their daily life at least a bit and most of all, giving hope during these challenging and hard times. (Please see HERE for more information about the project)
Further this project wants to raise awareness and education about cryptocurrencies and their potential to use as a digital currency in daily life. Not only in Venezuela where the national currency is impacted by hyper inflation and a gigantic loss in purchasing power, at every part of the world!

Thanks to the generous community of BANANO, this event could happen.
Thanks to Simón, Ana and Lilo, this event was a full success.
Thanks to the cryptocurrency NANO we were able to receive funds from all over the world and exchange them to buy food.

And last but not least, thank you for reading and participate our Christmas journey.

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Sincerely Simón, Ana, Lilo and Fabian from “Adopt a family”