How cryptocurrencies changed my life

One evening in June 2018 — a story of Simón’s life

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Simón’s story about cryptocurrency and how his life changed after discovering this amazing technology with its bright and many colors.
Simón is one (out of two) of the project’s leader and his family is as well one of the supported families by this project.
Please see for yourself, how fast and in what a favorable way he and his family got influenced by this project and how Simón is able to be both — a receiver and donator (Project initiator and leader) in one person.

Avocado, a fruit which combines different worlds and people and sometimes creates friends ❤

One evening in June 2018, Anthony came to my house to explain how he made money through cryptocurrency. We spent an afternoon, with lot of coffee and patience; he taught me how to create my account on Discord and sent me the invitation to the Banano server. In three hours I understood how to handle bots (first time I heard those terms), how and where to consult the current and volatile value of banano and nano currency. In about two days, I understood and studied on my own how blockchain technology works. As I was already fluent in English, I spent a lot of time talking to people from all over the world on the jungle channel. Thanks to the banano rain, after two days I sold what I had accumulated, through the jungle-bazaar, a space created for commercial exchanges where Venezuelans usually have digital presence, in order to buy this crypto for bolivars (my national currency). I felt very motivated, my first salary, thanks to the cryptocurrency

In Venezuela, there is a historical and tragic moment in which the majority of the population can only afford to buy what is necessary, food. We forget what a trip to the movies is, go for lunch or dinner in a restaurant or a gift for family members. Then this seemed like a wonderful technological solution to achieve a better quality life.

Apart from being a student of journalism, I am also an athlete of a sport called “ultimate frisbee”, one of the most incredible things that happened to me thanks to the cryptocurrencies, was that I met a great friend, his name is John. He also practices this sport, but he lives in the USA. John and I realized that we shared many things. Thanks to having this sport in common and during our friendship, he took the initiative to support me to attend a very important tournament for me, in Merida (located 12 hours by bus from my city). He sent 40 NANOS to cover the food and transportation expenses during my competition. No doubt, this marked my life, how the kindness of a person who lives thousands of miles away has no limits. Thanks to that experience, I understood much more the scope or projection of crypto. It was only thanks to him that I was able to make this very special journey in my life.

Therefore, I explained to my two closest friends just like Anthony once did to me, and I included them in Discord. They stayed on the basics and I continued to venture into the management and use of other banana-like projects. That is when I met Fabian. A person appeared out of nowhere asking about the situation in Venezuela, and I emotionally gave him a brief summary of the situation. That afternoon I started a friendship that changed my life in a drastic and positive way. I remember being with my mother when I told her that someone from Hamburg had sent me three Nanos to buy food. She did not understand much, but after I went to the market and brought food, it was that she really got interested, so I told her everything. Grateful and excited I told Fabs the result of our little experiment and from there many positive things were triggered as a domino effect. To show my new friend the situation in the country, I sent him several articles about economy until we were able to formalize a project that brought prosperity to my family. I was the first to benefit from my friend’s brilliant idea and I set to work to make the project take shape. Helping with the food in the house, being able to invite colleagues who normally have nothing to eat in their houses has been one of the most rewarding experiences I could have had throughout the year.

Sometimes a smile shows more than any word. Today hundreds of Venezuelans, including my friends, benefit from our project and the banana server in order to survive in a reality as nefarious as that of Venezuela. Now, I talk with people from all over the world, I have never seen, but they usually support me more than my teammates. I feel that I contribute something valuable to the community and to the people who are in great need, who apart from anything else I had never been able to help and had always wanted to help.