Photostory — already a success of “adopt” a family in pictures

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For me, as an European, it was hard to grab, what hyper inflation mean. 
As well it’s hard to imagine how it’s like when the rate of your currency impacts the amount of food you can buy next day with the rate of today.
Imagine not knowing, if todays income will feed you and your family tomorrow.

For this reason I asked Simón to take pictures with the amount of money (NANO used) and the date bought. 
For better understanding I wrote the USD equivalent)

Please just have a look onto the pictures.
Let it think in…
See, what some dollars can change into the life of a family.
Imagine the thoughts and feeling of the family, eating some of this food after long periods of rice, grain and so on — just purely out of purpose of surviving.
Imagine the joy, good feelings and strength out of this food.

Daily Food:

2.95$ equivalent

These picture (and the following) where the first steps for the project “Adopt a Family”. Simón and me were figuring out, how to use NANO for this, where to exchange, who to trust and finally — first meal :-)

2.95$ equivalent
7.35$ equivalent
6.30$ equivalent

As time passed, Simón and me got more experienced. Simón built more knowledge about local exchanges, Me (Fabian) get a better understanding about the situation in Venezuela and how can I contribute to this.

4.80$ equivalent
2.60$ equivalent
4.40$ equivalent

As you can see, food varies much. The demand does not match the supply and so the customer have to buy, what is available and ... affordable.

4.10$ equivalent
4.00$ equivalent

The following picture is still very heard warming to me.
I sent Simón some NANOs some days before this picture was taken.
Simón told me, that he didn’t spend them and were saving him for later use.
His cousin has had a very bad time days before and she has had a birtday at the same time. Simón decided to spend fractions of the saved NANO to buy a very valuabel and cheering up gift — a birthday cake!
Not to mention, this cake fullfilled its purpose :-)

Very important lesson for me:
This project did not only help “my” family (Simón’s family) even his greater family as well. Kindness has no borders!

The following pictures showing the bought food, out of the money from the weekly payment. No further comments, please just have a look what some money can do for a change in a person’s life.

4.76$ equivalent
5.60$ equivalent
6.61$ equivalent
1.57$ equivalent
4.62$ equivalent
3.24$ equivalent
5.05$ equivalent
2.52$ equivalent