When charity changes the lives of those who receive it (a story of cryptocurrency)

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Dear beloved community,
please see attached the experiences of Fabi and her family.
Fabi’s family is supported from this project since mid January 2019 up to now.
She is living with her mom in Caracas/Venezuela and struggling from day to day with hyperinflation and all things which come along.

With help of this project she is able to buy necessary things like “a proper” amount of food at least. In a weekly payout she and her family receives $12.50 ($50 in total per month). See these numbers in contrast below.

Feel free to write, comment or ask us everything you want to know about this project and how you can get involved.

When charity changes the lives of those who receive it

Millions of people living in Venezuela are going through deplorable economic and social situations, my case is not an exception, so today more than to say thank you I want to tell you how the project has changed my situation.

In my country inflation increases to more than 1,000,000% annually, it is not a country in which a person can live autonomously, I assure you.

I am a social communicator, graduated from an internationally recognized Venezuelan university, however, this has not given me the opportunity to have a job that supports me and my family. With a salary of just $35 a month (the amount in $ decreases as the month goes by due to inflation) it is not possible to buy food to provide for me and my mother. As a reference, a protein bought in a free market can cost more than half of my monthly salary each week.

Today I am thankful for the support that Adopt a Family Project has given me, because with their help in cryptocurrency it is an unparalleled help for my family since I can, on because weekly Ican provide with a very considerable amount of food to my home.

I believe my current stability is due to the project because it has helped me to subsist, I can eat healthily, and I can perform my daily activities without fear that I may not have the necessary nutrients and be at risk of illness.

In addition, the way they send me the help, through cryptocurrency, has been such a simple method, first, it has taught me the importance of this type of transaction and, second, how it is such a quick and simple process once you understand it. I do it weekly without the help of any third part and I can buy the food very easily.

Today, March 8, apart from being Women’s day, has been a difficult day in Venezuela because we have suffered power cuts and blackouts that have extended throughout the country from 18 to 24 hours or more … but the help of this project has been so impressive that even in this situation of instability my family is fine because we have food to subsist thanks to this great project.