Dear Ben,

Sorry for your loss.

You lost a good friend, the world another wiseman.

While I was reading your post one thought appeared in my mind… It was that nothing in life happens without a reason.

In less than a month the world lost Bill Campbell and Andy Grove, both deeply respected from you and everybody in this industry.

You were such a lucky having the unique chance to know and imbibe knowledge from these great wisemen.

But even though one could read the sayings of Andy Grove in his books, Bill Campbell thoughts left only in the memories of those he mentored.

There are thousands of people who need advice such those you received from Bill Campbell, but would not have the chance to meet him. I am one of them.

As I mentioned earlier nothing in life happens without a reason, maybe the fate met you with Bill and Andy because wanted you to step on their knowledge, to extend it with yours and to share it to all those people who would not have the chance to hear it form them.

Think about it.


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