Insomniacs looking for a cure, stop by here
Vess Foteva

I have issues with my sleep for 2 years now. At my worst I was gettting one night of so-so sleep in a week.

After reading a lot on the subject, I learned that for me, insomnia was/is the result of mismatched circadian rhythm and high cortisol. To fix it, I follow dr. Jack Kruse’s leptin prescription.

A few excerpts from his protocols:

  1. No food after dark.
  2. Allow for at least 4–5 hours of time after your last meal before going to sleeep.
  3. Eat as soon after getting up as possible, preferable after 30 mins (for me it is around 50min after getting up). Eat as big breakfast as possible, lots of protein and/or fat
  4. No snacking — it messes up your liver methabolism.
  5. No night life, going out after dark. (at least until you fix your sleep) (my 2c)

Everybody having issues with sleep should read this blog: . It is the most detailed description of a human’s circadian rhythm I have found to date.

The leptin prescription is highly recommended.

And also read everything else by Jack Kruse.