Five of my favourite audience insights from clever brands

Some brand communication makes a powerful impact. These ones are some of my favourites — where the brand team has uncovered a powerful insight into human behaviour and married it seamlessly to what they stand for.

5. Lurpak butter ‘The Potato’

Why I love it: It made me re-evaluate the role of butter in my life and my ‘quick fix’ attitudes.

The problem they were solving: people hate waiting for butter to be spreadable

The insight: we yearn for the more simple days where taking time to craft something had far more value than immediacy (actually, their ads are packed with insights, but this feels like the overarching driver)

4. Honest Tea, honesty

Why I love it: Courageous stunt founded on a human truth not many brands would be comfortable exploring

The problem they were solving: Snapple had the market covered, no one cared about Honest Tea

The insight: most of us are honest and trustworthy, but in the face of temptation our dark side can override our integrity

3. Axe, Love Monday

Why I love it: Because it’s brilliantly filmed, hilarious and despite the tongue in cheek — it really made me feel revved up to take a new attitude to Mondays. I also like the departure from their usual format of unlikely guy gets hot girl.

The problem they were solving: not sure, but it’s possible our friends at Unilever wanted to dial up Axe’s fine fragrance credentials

The insight: Monday’s suck is the obvious one — but it’s not the actual insight. I think it’s around ‘our attitude is within our control — and our attitude can shape our reality into whatever outcome we desire’. You can choose the attack, or you can hide by choosing the defensive (a little melodramatic maybe!)

2. MetLife Hong Kong, My Dad’s a Liar

Why I love it: Because I honestly believed the magnitude of this man’s love for his daughter, because it had a twist, and I wanted to share it with others.

The problem: they were solving: possibly that people don’t understand that life insurance covers more than ‘not being alive anymore’

The insight: it’s not that parents want the best for their kids, but rather that kids want the best for their parents

1. UN Women, Predictive Search

Why I love it: One of the most powerful print campaigns I’ve ever seen, beautifully simple, and it left me feeling angered enough to want to change the status quo — but also feeling the problem was overwhelming

The problem: Um…I think you can see the problem from the pics. But to clarify — this is what google’s predicative search shows you when you type in the words ‘women need to’ ‘women should’.

The insight: Data speaks the truth — the millions of searches conducted every day online that are so radically ‘against women’ demonstrate how far gender equality has to go.

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