The questionnaire has been constructed based on a Friday night spent at (and above) one of Singapore’s karaoke bars where I met the part-owner — Ivan. Like our evening with Ivan, the questions start fairly easily, but become trickier as you go along.

TRUE OR FALSE: Ivan is a part-owner in a small Singapore karaoke bar

TRUE OR FALSE: Although making constant displays of taking off his wedding ring and hiding it in his pocket, Ivan is single

TRUE OR FALSE: Ivan houses ten women he ‘imported’ from China upstairs above his karaoke bar where they sleep crammed into two rooms on bunk beds with one couch and a tiny toilet between all of them

TRUE OR FALSE: These ten women work every evening for him to make his male guests feel welcome

TRUE OR FALSE: The women have a choice about how far they choose to take their entertaining duties each evening

TRUE OR FALSE: Ivan keeps a small room in the girls’ flat for himself in case he needs to ‘sleep over’

TRUE OR FALSE: Ivan is very proud of his entrepreneurial skills and his business acumen TRUE OR FALSE: Ivan should be proud and vociferous about how easily he is able to take advantage of the women working for him

TRUE OR FALSE: Ivan is a respectable business man, and nothing at all like some of his counterparts along the same strip of bars who are in the garland giving business



Part I) Garland giving means a man can buy a woman’s company for the whole evening, but it doesn’t mean she has to perform any sexual acts with the purchaser

Part II) If a woman in receipt of a garland chooses to perform sexual acts with the garland purchaser, she is most definitely allowed to keep the money she makes and is paid a fair price

TRUE OR FALSE: In Singapore it is a criminal offence to sell, let for hire or otherwise dispose of or buy or hire or otherwise obtain possession of any woman or girl with intent that she shall be employed or used for the purpose of prostitution either within or without Singapore, or knowing or having reason to believe that she will be so employed or used

TRUE OR FALSE: Ivan is in the importing business

TRUE OR FALSE: Ivan is facilitating the trafficking of women from mainland China

TRUE OR FALSE: Ivan’s karaoke bar is a psuedo brothel where women don’t get paid fairly for the services they render

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