Day One- A big binge

You see that picture of donuts and chips? That’s what I chose for lunch last week when I went out for a friends birthday celebration. The donuts were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside, covered in sugar, served with fig jam and a gorgeous lemon curd. The chips were chunky, and again crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside.

By the time I had eaten 2 donuts and a handful of chips I felt sick. I am lactose intolerant, I know donuts and lemon curd both have dairy in them and I ate them anyway. And that’s beside the point. I’m sure anyone who chooses to eat donuts and chips for lunch may feel sick half way through.

What makes this food choice particularly horrid, is that I am a nutrition student. Two years ago I was in the best shape of my life. I’ll explain how I got here over the course of my writing, (hint: its a common tale of love, comfort and commuting) but the purpose of this blog is to get back where I was, by being honest and holding myself accountable.

So I’ll start with the before and after shots.

Me, 2 years ago versus today.

As you can see, things have changed. Although i’m not obese i’m at risk of developing heart disease as my stomach measurement is too high. Heart disease runs in my family so this is a real risk. Instead of my waist tapering in with clear defined muscle, I have clear defined fat deposits on top of my hips, around my waist and of course my pot. What I affectionately used to call my little cinnamon donut around my belly button is now more like a cream bun.

Yesterdays Food Diary:

Breakfast: Toasted lactose free cheese, tomato and avocado sandwich and an English breakfast tea with lactose free milk and 1 sugar.

Mid morning: Another tea with LF milk and 1 sugar

Lunch: A jam donut and 4 choc ripple biscuits (the shame!)

Afternoon snack: Half a large bag of doritos and a pear

Dinner: 2 bowls of LF macaroni cheese and a large bowl of salad

After dinner: (yes i’m still eating) Another cup of tea with sugar and 6! choc ripple biscuits.

I’m considering not publishing this……

My Nutritional Verdict

Anyone who is feeling shit about their body, should list everything they eat in the day. If you honestly cant see where the problem lies, please go visit a nutritionist or dietitian to get some help. In my case I think the problem is fairly obvious. I’ll brake things down like I did when I was healthy and active and hot.

Good fats: I (goal is 1–2)

Proteins: 0 (goal is 2–3)

Vegetables: II (goal is 4–5)

Fruits: I (goal is 0–2)

Carbs: III (goal is 1–2 assuming exercise of some sort has taken place) vegetables provide carbohydrates so 5 serves of veggies should well and truly fuel my body without having rice, bread, pasta or white potato.

Calcium: IIIII (goal is 1–2)

Shit: IIIIIIIIII (goal is 1- i’m not about taking all of the fun out of life)


Verdict- I’m lucky I’m not bigger. I’m not surprised I haven’t been able to shake this winters cold. I need vegetables for that. I will note that this was an exceptionally bad day but days like this probably happen once or twice a week. The Binge.


See you tomorrow.