Day Two- Replacing “white” carbs with Veggies

Needless to say I’m looking to improve my diet today.

About four years ago I contracted a parasite in Bali from eating salad washed in the local water. Giardia left me lactose intolerant and unable to eat chickpeas, apples and nectarines.

It took a long time for me to adapt to a lactose free diet. With the help of a friends step-nan, a GP who studied dietetics, I started a low FODMAP diet and then gently eased back into eating fiber, proteins and vegetables when my stomach had recovered. In the process I had been completely turned off meat and only ate seafood and eggs. With no dairy foods and hardly any proteins I needed to be very conscious of eating a calcium and iron rich diet. This is where my health journey started. Being conscious of what you’re putting into your body, and whether its meeting your fuel requirements is a massive part of getting your head into the right space. Lots of leafy greens became part of every meal. the more research I did on how to have a balanced diet while excluding food groups, the more interested I became. I then signed up for my nutrition course and was exposed to the science of food and our bodies.

I now eat lamb and beef again (still no chicken or pork) so balance is a lot easier. But a long the way the leafy greens haven’t been a focus and have quickly been replaced with breads and pastas and…..donuts.

And my health has decreased. I’m not only talking weight here. I’m talking well being, mental health, physical ability, the lot.

This weeks goal- to replace my heavy carb habit with a heavy vegetable habit.

Yesterdays Food Diary:

Breakfast: 1 thin slice toast with half an avocado and 2 boiled eggs. 1 coffee with LF milk and 1 sugar.

Lunch: left over mac cheese with broccoli, rocket, silverbeet and pumpkin

Afternoon snack: Peppermint Tea and an orange

Dinner: A vegetable curry on rice.

After dinner snack: A pear and a bowl of soy icecream.

My Nutritional Verdict

Much better. I still need to increase the protein and decrease the non veg carbs but I’ll focus on that next week. This week is all about consciously increasing veggie intake.

Good fats: I (goal is 1–2)

Proteins: I (goal is 2–3)

Vegetables: IIII (goal is 4–5)

Fruits: II (goal is 0–2)

Carbs: III (goal is 1–2 assuming exercise of some sort has taken place) vegetables provide carbohydrates so 5 serves of veggies should well and truly fuel my body without having rice, bread, pasta or white potato.

Calcium: II (goal is 1–2)

Shit: II (goal is 1- I’m not about taking all of the fun out of life)


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