Coloring alphabet — creative way of learning English alphabet

Coloring pages for the little ones who are willing to learn the English alphabet in easier and creative way.

Hey lovely people! I’ve been working 4 months on this project and finally it is alive. The system requires both parent/teacher and children work.

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The final product is inside a beautiful box!

The Coloring Alphabet combines the creative painting and coloring with English learning. That way the children are using the both hemispheres of the brain — the left, analytical one and the right, creative and quirky. The alphabet is suitable both for native speakers and for those children who learning a new language.

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And we open the box to find …

When the child is working on the book, it is important to be guided. As a parent and/or a teacher, you should help the child to pronounce each letter and word written in the book.

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… these beautiful pages!

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