Learnings & Recommendations from a First Time Elimination Dieter.

Venetia Pristavec
Dec 15, 2016 · 11 min read

I highly recommend an elimination diet for anyone who is interested in learning more about food and their body!

My boyfriend and I wanted to take our health and nutrition seriously and decided to invest in 100 days of cleansing and knowing our bodies. Why? Well, my stomach has been bothering me for about 60 days or so, and I realized it must be something I was eating or digesting. I couldn’t figure out what. In his case, he likes to go along with my crazy antics and be supportive (best partner ever), but also his energy levels were pretty whack. We both realized we had never really really thought about what we were putting in our bodies — in a big way.

  1. What does a body running at 100% feel like?
  2. What’s our blood and gut telling us? Do we have vitamin deficiencies? Allergies to foods?
  3. What’s our relationship to food in general?
Reach for the (nutrition) stars!

What’s an Elimination Diet anyway?!

Well, basically you eliminate all the foods that could be causing inflammation or symptoms to your body but that you had no idea might be doing so. Over thirty days you eat super clean foods to set your gut back to normal, and you keep track every day of what you eat and how you felt! Then after 30 days, you add back in new foods every few days and pay attention to how your body reacts. You observe energy level, skin conditions/pimples, bloating/gas, basically anything that feels “different” than it did when you were feeling 100%. Item by item, you start realizing your body is telling you when it doesn’t like something. THEN! You stop eating/drinking the thing. Yeah, sure, this takes, like, three months to figure out but I mean three months out of a lifetime of eating, kind of sounds worth it, no?

Week 1: First things first. It was HARD as F&*^ for us.

Week 2: Why isn’t this working yet?

I was angry when it had been 10 days and my gut hadn’t completely recovered or cured itself. Things were going crazy in my belly. I had never ever eaten so much cabbage, or beets, or so many soups. My gut was a little surprised. I have to say nothing really changed for me until about 18 days in, and it only got easy at about 26 days. I suppose I understand why they say it’s important to do the full 30 days.

So, here’s what I learned!

I don’t need to be drinking alcohol. Sparkling water with lime is tasty. I realized I was just reaching for booze as a habit, and it makes my body feel crappy. Don’t get me wrong. I love a good mimosa, but I’ll be making it just a treat and not a reoccurring event.

Little bit of coconut cream, pomegranate and coconut shreds

CONFESSION: I cheated once.

Once I cheated. Okay, twice. Okay, okay. If a bite is a cheat then maybe it was three times. Whatever. Don’t beat yourself up about it. And my boyfriend didn’t cheat ’cause he’s more disciplined. When I cheated, I basically just had a “sip” or “bite” of a friend’s food, and ya know, I wouldn’t take it back. It was good. I think it was connected to my emotions when I did it. I digress.

About to do an elimination diet? Here are some tips!

Be prepared for food to become your life for 30 days. You will probably tell your friends things like, “I discovered coconut milk is just as tasty as cow milk!” They might care less. You will talk about food a lot, and that’s okay. Your social life may change for the month unless your friends are willing to accommodate your dietary needs. You can just let them know what’s going on.

Thanks for teamin’ up on this babe!


My main takeaway is I don’t want food to continue to rule my life, but the the whole experience was transformational for me. I should say that my partner had completely different experiences to mine, and therefore you may not feel any of the things I did. Part of this is just doing it to see what you learn and feel, and trying not to have any expectations. I, in general, learned that I was running at 70% in my life and now know what 100% feels like. And that feels great. As for what happens over the next few months? We will continue to see!

So fresh and so clean clean.

Thanks to Nevin McConnell.

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