The one thing I will say about getting somewhere new and getting to know the other ex-pats is that…
Evan Lorendo

Yes and no. I have certainly taken life-saving advice on which medical facilities are “foreigner-friendly” and I do often make a small group of expat friends in a new city. As you say, its nice to have something “familiar” once in a while when everything is so new and different.

And there is another part of me, the bigger part of me, that rather discover things for the first time. Some time, the advice given by other expats/foreigners could limit the experience. For example, we were told by other expats that in Nairobi, you can’t walk anywhere and you have to take a car from one gated community to another. It took us less than a day to realise that it was untrue and as long as you have your wits with you, you’ll be fine.

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