My “smitten”

I’m okay with my life. I’m happy with what I have. Until you came.

First time I saw you, You got me. I like you. You’re not a good-looking guy but you have something that caught me.

Two Nights. Yes, that’s all we had on that island. After that night, I told myself I will forget you and your friends ’cause why not? We’re not even close. We never even had a chance to talk. But….

It was December (2016), when we had a communication. Thanks to Facebook! Through messenger we talked everyday. We followed each other on Instagram. We like each other’s post. We started in that phase until I realized that we’re already sharing our everyday routine. You became part of my routine. You checked up on me. I feel that you cared for me and Hope inside me grows.

I learned to ask for more. I asked God to let you fall in love with me and share moments with me. I want you. I asked for more of you. But you asked for someone else.

I will make this short.

Just remember this, I will never ever forget you. Especially the lesson I learned from you:

No one stays with you forever. You can’t have what you want.
Even you asked for it.
Even you do everything to have it.
Even you lost yourself in the process of getting it.
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