Why do they call me like that… suicide? simply because with the mere fact of thinking that tomorrow I have to wake up… is just the worst thing that could happen to me right now?
Did it ever occurred to you or you, to fall into a deep sleep like sleeping beauty but never to wake up again, so you don’t have to live in this nightmare you once surly called reality?
People say I’m nostalgic, but did ever happended that you couldn’t take advantage of a good moment simply for the fackt of thinking that it would last an eternity and when you realize, everything’s vanished into thin air … everything’s simply gone… and there you are standing in front of nothing but emptyness.
They tell me I’m a sad person, because they see my eyes crying and they don’t get to see me smiling, never. So I ask to everyone of you : haven’t to ever broke into tears when you realized that happines wasn’t just a lie to you? Or when you realized that someone let you down? Or when the one you loved , didn’t love you back ? Or when you loose someone , when someone gets taken away from you ?
They also tell me I’m a fool and a coward for running away from tough situations and that I decide to be alone just because I like it that way, because I do want to evade people because I’m just afraid to be rejected and hurt, once again.
So , I’m not only a solitary person but I’m also empty on the inside, because I’m a sada ghost of a person I once was…
So I ask you one last time, to all of you whom ever said this things to someone.. 
You never saw your reflection in the mirror and find out what you were seeing was just a grey blackish stain? 
Haven’t you , not even once hurt someone you care about? I mean not only in a physical way, but with words that you can’t erase?
So … you can call ME anything you want , dumb, suicidal, nostaligic, coward … but in the end you will realize that those words do not just describe me (I think they don’t) but they describe a person who appears every time you look at yourself in the mirror.