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There is no title for this story, and it is for a reason! I will tell you the reason in the due course of this article!
I have always been a voracious reader on the subject of spirituality. I read the Zen kind of books a lot! In almost all of the books they speak about one important point which is silencing the mind or being in the state of no-mind.
I have always wondered about this. How can I make my mind quite yet alert, how can I enter this state of no-mind. Ironically, I have to use my very mind to contemplate about being in the state of no-mind.
So that question always lingered in me. What is this state of being alert without thinking? One day an important point stuck me. I will explain the process so try to feel the process that I am explaining here! Hopefully, it will be of help to you.
Now consider this: How do we process some information that is presented to us? When a new information comes, say this article, for example, we mentally repeat the words in our mind and that brings about a level-of-understanding.
Can you follow me? There is always a mind voice that is repeating the information that is being presented to us. And, interestingly this mind-voice speak a language- a language that we know. In the case of this article- the mind voice speaks English! Isn’t it so?
Isn’t it strange that everything that is presented to us has to go through this process of language interpretation in our own mind? Am I making sense?
Try to understand what I am saying without using the medium of language. You will observe that you will become more alert and maybe a bit more conscious.
Or maybe not? I am not even sure if this is making sense to you. I am trying to make you understand that we can understand about something ONLY with the help of a language and ironically, I am trying to convey this message in the form of a language. But this does not mean there is a contradiction. There is a saying in Tamil, mulla mullala edukardhu, you use a thorn to remove a thorn. So if what I am saying is still making sense to you, try to contemplate on the message.
And next time when your mind is trying to have a conversation with you instruct the mind not to use a language! Then something new, a new approach to understanding will dawn on you. I call it intuition and alert presence of the mind!
There are also some practical ways to approach this. Personally, this realization dawned on me when I started learning two languages- Italian and Hindi, at the same time. And in the process of learning my mind sometimes got confused on which language to use to talk to me (strange sentence- my mind converses with me :D). It is then I realized, ‘Wait a moment!?!?! Who is this who keeps talking to me in English or Tamil and any other language? Um, I wonder what happens If I ignore the language but focus on the content!
There is another way, which I did learn during a yoga class! It is called as Gibberish meditation technique. I don’t want to make this story more complex by explaining about that. I will give you the link. If this story still is making sense to you and you have reached this last sentence of the article, learn more about it starting here (post writing this article, I realized Osho also calls this as no-mind meditation, that’s quite encouraging): http://discovermeditation.com/262/blog/expressive-meditation/gibberish-meditation/