Lock your Apple Notes in iOS 9.3

In today Apple event, they have released new iPhone SE and iPad devices. Along with that Apple has also released the iOS 9.3 version to its customers. The new iOS 9.3 update is available from today itself. One of the notable feature in the new update is an option to lock Apple Notes with a password or fingerprint(if supported).

In this blog post, i will be explaining how to add password protection to the Apple notes. Follow the steps to below to password protect your notes.

  1. Make sure you have iOS 9.3 version. If not, Go to Settings -> General -> Software Update. From there you can download the latest iOS 9.3 version.
  2. After installing the update, Go to Settings -> Notes option. You will find the new password option there. Add a password and if you wish enable Use Touch ID option (if supported) too.
Notes Settings

3. Go t0 Apple Notes and create notes which you wish to add password protection.

Sample Notes

4. Click on the Action button in the right top corner. You will get an option for locking the notes

Check the Lock Note option in the list

5. Click on the Lock Note option from the options. Once you have done that you will get a lock button on the top along with the action button

6. If you lock the mobile and open it again or click on the lock icon in the notes directly, your notes will look like the below image

Locked Notes

7. To view notes, you click the view note or lock icon and provide the password/fingerprint.

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