Life Advices

These are my life advices to every one:

  1. Health is Wealth — My yoga teacher said this marvelous sentence: “If someone offers you a million dollars to cut off a leg, would you take it?” The most important thing in this entire world for you is yourself.
  2. Clarity of Purpose — Be very clear in what you want to do in life, whether it is career, relationships, financial goals, achievements — Analyze and simplify your vision to bring clarity in life.
  3. Learn — This is a life-long skill to be developed. At a very high level all you do from your childhood to death is learn/observe, then apply those learned principles in real life. To cultivate this habit, never stop reading books and observing people.
  4. Relationships — No friends and relatives, no life, as simple as that.
  5. Mistakes — Avoid costly mistakes, there isn’t any one in the world who do not make mistakes in his/her life, understand this and try to avoid (or) not repeat any past mistakes.
  6. Have fun — Hey, Don’t stress out! What ever you do, try to have fun.
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