Small steps for large success

Well, my first article on, it’s an amazing platform to blog. I would like to share my idea on small steps for large successes illustrating some practical ideas to implement.

This is a fundamental principle I strive upon. Small change every day gets you to achieve what you want to be in life. The reason for taking small steps is to not stress out and it’s a tiny bit of time from your ever busy 24 hours of every day life schedule.

Try a few of these out, to be a ‘better’ you in an year:

  1. If you want to be a learner, start by reading a completely new concept or blog or a book for 10 mins a day (with the best possible concentration you have for that day), you will achieve 60 hours of reading in a year. You can easily finish 2 to 3 books in these 60 hours.
  2. It works great for exercising, start by extreme determination and simple mental attitude to do 15–20 mins of exercise every day no matter where you are and what worse possible situation you could be in. Consciously spend 15–20 mins in a physical activity like walking, stretching or weights during this time. Yoga also works. You will be spending a minimum of 90 hours a year exercising. Assuming you spend a minimum of 100 calories during this time, you will be burning 36,500 calories a year. Incredible right!
  3. If you want to be a great programmer, start by reading code for 15 mins a day (preferably early morning as its the best time to concentrate without any distractions), if you read 100 lines of code a day, i bet you will be an expert programmer in 1–2 years with such a small change to your life.

The same concept works for dieting, eating healthy, pulling yourself out from procrastination, drinking water, developing closer relationships, speaking fluent english, a better body, saving money, quitting addictions, being better in a sport, removing negativity, etc. Do the math before you start any of this and that will motivate you to strive.

With the course of progress, you can adjust your goals to achieve a greater result (it might scale linearly or quadratically in some cases). All we want to do is to achieve success in a monotonous progression during a certain course of time. Since these are all small steps for a greater goal, feel them with ease and joy.

As many successful people said: “hard work beats intelligence with consistent, determined and perseverant behavior”. Just think about it, athletes, entrepreneurs, mathematicians, politicians, actors, millionaires, all started small and built on it to achieve a greater success (in their own terms).

Don’t lose the sight and be positive !!!

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