How to increase your C:\ drive volume in Windows OS

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windows user definitely faced this problem that is your c drive is running out or your c drive is full and no space for install new application. This will also result in slow performance and hanging the system.

So now we gonna see how to rectify this. You don’t worry, I’m here to help you!

This is my computer. Here my c drive volume is almost full and it shows in red in colour.

I’m facing many problems while access the system. So I would like to increase the volume of my c drive.

In E drive I have much free space.

So I would like to merge the free space of the E drive with C drive.

First let we check with disk management option. open disk management by choosing from right click of start icon.

Right click the c drive and try to go to the option Extension.

That will be in unavailable. That means we cannot extend volume of your c drive.

But don’t worry. I have another option, that is AOMEI application. It is free source available in internet. You can download it and install in your PC. Before install it, carefully go through the terms and conditions or pros and cons of the application. click here for download

Open the application. There you can see the UI close like the disk management. Now choose the drive to be free and right click it and select the option as resize.

Drag the drive size from its end up to your choice and press ok.

Now you can see there will be a new empty volume as unallocated partition. This volume is to be merge with the c partition. Right click that unallocated partition and choose the option as Merge partition.

Now do check the c: check box and press ok and yes.

Now close the application. While closing that will lock the settings as we modified.

Click yes and proceed the permission.

It will take some time depends on the size of the volume to be merged. For me it took nearly 30 minutes.

After that you can check it in My computer. There you can see that your C volume is increased!!

Now enjoy with new application.

For video tutorial, click the video

Thank you!!!