My Internship Experience

I would like to share about my Experience as Full stack web Developer in this blog. For the past four months I have been interning with AV Class Interiors Company. In brief of the Organization, it is a Home Decor Company Based in Hyderabad which is started in 2018, Initially it was a small start-up mostly known to the close peers. But In the last two years this firm has gained great recognition in such way that they have started offering services throughout India But were facing the issue of connecting with their clients in hassle free manner through the digital way. To help them tackle this issue I have stared interning with this Company with the sole role of developing a working website for them so that their clients can have another medium of connecting with the service vendors.

Though my role isn’t as crucial when compared to business part of the company but I have brought something to the table. Initially my job role was quite tedious not only because understanding the data that I have to implement in their website but also learning extra technical stacks that can help in creating an interactive UI. Now during my first month at the firm I have spent most of the time learning about the firm and fining the appropriate features to be implemented on the front end UI design.

Not only was the technical part a bit new to me but the development stages and procedures we had with the company to develop this website too as the Agile software development procedure they had followed helped me and the firm to give our 100% and bring the desired output . By following an iterative process, I was able to implement the changes and make changes to the website as per the mentor’s requirements.

Finally for developing this website the main the stacks which I have used are ReactJS, HTML, CSS, Bootstrap, Redux for the front end. To build more interactive user interfaces and websites quickly and efficiently with significantly less code ReactJS takes the place. For constant uploading of new designs and services provided by the company we are using the Firebase for backend. Admin can post the newly designed works and services easily in the portfolio to attract the customers. For making is easier to the user for connecting with the company we have added companies contact and even imported a Feature Google Map to the website. Worked on API’s which is completely a fresh chapter to me and gained knowledge. On proper Guidance of my mentor throughout the internship and team support we developed the website to the top notch.

To summarize what I have done in the past four months and my experience in internship not only was able to get a picture on how web development works but I have learned how companies work with the projects and how to get along with my teammates. Overall, this experience has not only been implementing the skills I know but also a learning platform to sharpen existing skills and to build new skills.



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