We Age Not by Years, But by Stories

Let me ask you a question! If I ask, how old are you based on the number of stories you have created, what would the number be like?

Take a moment to think.

Got your age? Nope? (Ha-ha-Ha) I can understand that you were unnecessarily pushed inside some paintings of your imagination of memories.

No worries! You can always come back later with this. But did you give it a thought that why it’s taking so long to tell your age based on the number of stories you were a part of? I’ll tell you WHY!

The reason is very simple — you were never taught to be happy or to live life to its fullest. Instead, all the focus was shifted towards the so claimed basic essentials of modern age living like education, good grades and a well-paying job.

So, since childhood you were caught up in earning more degrees, dealing with constant pressure of getting good grades, being the best among the herd and landing yourself into a high paying white collar job. The roads ahead get tougher and the rides bumpier and in this regard, we even forget who we are. We pack all our desires and shove them inside a box who’s even a figment of imagination brings smile on our face.

The next chapter of your life — you’re expected to take a further step which is tying a knot with you lady love.

Now, as much as you want to term this alliance as the most beautiful chapter of your life, you can’t deny the fact that the responsibilities from each end are going to increase. Over the years when you get little stable you then decide to extend your family. I understand that welcoming a new member in your family is something that can’t be described in words. But of course, multiple responsibilities escalate in a fraction of second which requires a lot of commitment and eat your precious time.

And the sun never sets in your life bringing the serene moments of comfort!

Have you ever wondered, why do people talk about horrors of old age? Isn’t it amazing how a fine old car with its parts gradually wearing out is still labelled as vintage whose presence is treasured even by a trespasser?

Old age is only terrible if you don’t have the heart to embrace its golden opportunities, relaxing lively moments and enjoying life to its fullest — where you don’t care of any loose ends but relinquish it as a new beginning.

If you too were caught up in achieving virtual glory and meanwhile missed catching up on life, you’re never too old and it’s never too late to reinvent yourself. Age is a question in mind over matter. If you don’t mind, it won’t matter unless you are a cheese or a glass of wine wanting to be labelled as finely aged to define its worth. Let’s face it, even when you have done everything to not let the age define you, the side effects are hard to ignore.

We, at Aarra community, commit ourselves to take care of all your needs while letting you create stories that you can cherish while enlivening it. At Aarra Retirement Homes, the idea we follow is to die young as late as possible. We understand that, “Old age needs so little but it needs that little so much”.

While we promise to take care of all your little needs, you can enjoy your retirement with contentment at heart by carrying the spirit of a child and undying enthusiasm towards a new tomorrow like an adult.

After all, it’s not about adding years to your life but adding life to your