Yeah yeah your busy ..Take a chill pill relax. What’s one of best way to relax hmmm..PLAY A GAME ;)

This Game is in Lala land

In Lala land instead of humans there are “Balls”..wait what..yeah you heard it right “Balls”. Crazy right ? Yeah , They Just want to start a civilization so they need your expertise .

Rules : You have to structure and organize a society for a given set of Balls .This is important all Balls must be HAPPY.

Note : All the balls are equal no one is greater than the other


Set 1. I give you 50 cute red cuddly balls .

Working Hypothesis : In order to build a society you must assign specific tasks or jobs to each one of the ball for their contribution to society. One takes up serious jobs like Leader and few must take up Odd jobs like sanitation and all. But, The very point of you differentiating the Balls destroys the State of happiness. You are biased .All are the same yet you chose somebody? wont others feel bad cause they had the equal chances .

Set 2 . I give you 25 Red balls and 25 Blue balls .

Working Hypothesis : In this society if you chose a blue ball as a leader all the red balls will feel bad this eventually lead to Red balls rebelling due to unequal rights so again state of Happiness is lost.

Set 3. I give you the same 25 red balls 25 blue balls .

Wild Card : Give up? ok..I’ll let you Relax the rules and you can ask the balls chose themselves

Working hypothesis : In such a scenario , One party needs to influence others to win. If even one red ball votes for blue , Blue wins viceversa. But will that influence be always good ? Again State of happiness is lost

If You look closer

Set 1.Happy Society fails cause all are at equal level.

Set 2. Happy society fails because of Biases which in similar to our society leads to biases of Gender, Race ,Caste etc.

Set 3.( Democracy )Happy society is bound to fail due to Probability of corruption, if not now it’ll happen someday

Inference : We all are striving for a job ,a Role, a Responsibility in our societies , working our arse off to obtain a Happy life. But not all can be happy at the same time. Also You need an imbalance and a variety for a society to kick start . Imbalances Like you see in your and our society .

Conclusion : An ideal Happy Society is never possible.Racism, Gender bias , Social exclusion etc imbalances are inevitable and are also vital for a society to be running but “by How much?”
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