Strange lover
Swathi Sriram

I Promise.

I ran, I jumped , I rolled , & I thumped showing off all my little feats .The world didn’t care at all it was either busy with its precious gadgets or its crowded schedules not even one tried to look at me. I was pretty furious, I sat down hopeless. In the process of anger management, I saw a girl staring at me with twinkling eyes. I was curious , I moved few inches she moved too, scratching my head I gave a smile ..she smiled back. I was curious, but It was late I had to go back home for my mum who was waiting .I wrapped up all my warm feelings and I gave her a wink & went on my way .

Next day I went back started playing again , people were busy as usual for my amazement the girl was again there ! she was there !Staring at I lolled and rolled to show off my little feats to her. she just sat there enjoying my performance the whole day .She neither cared for her work nor to her laptop, she just sits there smiling. For her everyday to put up a show I used get dressed up in bright colors of red, yellow,pink..spangly whites and blues.One day I was so excited that I dressed up in so many colors that she barely recognized me until I started showing my feats. She was my only audience. She was very special to me .I got very much attached to her.I used always get emotional when my show was gets over .I hold my tears cause I know she would be there tomorrow .

I am Grownup now , I am chained by my responsibilities . Days of Innocence are replaced by Days of commitment. The very nature that crafted me on this canvas called the SKY has also silver lined me with duty. When the time is ripe I’ll be back ,to start back my show. Hope you’ll be there to cheer me up again

— Fluffy the cloud

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