A day at exam hall

A Herculean task of every student is to write their exams. Some say “The exam hall decides our fate”. I am not going to talk, in serious about exams, but the fun and excitement in the exam hall. We can observe lots of interesting happenings in the exam hall. I wish to narrate a story of mine.

I woke up in a confused state that, whether to write my exam or not. Yes, I have an internal exam but I didn’t prepare anything last night. With hesitation, I went to college and entered into my exam hall and sat on the desk in which I am supposed to be seated. On the blow of the ring, everyone started writing. I was the only student to simply sit with a pen which won’t be writing properly. So, naturally if we don’t know any answers we feel sleepy and exam hall is a wonderful place to sleep since it is quiet. The problem is that, students are not supposed to sleep in the hall. So, I started to look over the exam hall, it’s nice to observe how other students are writing their exams. I was trying to find out whether I have a couple of students who are sitting simply as me but I didn’t find any. The students so called brilliant were writing their exam fast and furiously to complete their answer sheets within the given time (3 hours). A desk can be accommodated by two students. We, the seniors (3rd year) are supposed to sit near a juniors (2nd year) in a same desk. A junior who is sitting beside me was seeing his palm and writing. I was confused and I looked keen. He was writing using micro xerox in his palm. I can’t see the answers clearly on the xerox. I realized to check my eye to doc. The students who are using bits are very much talented. They need to check whether invigilator is seeing him/her or not and simultaneously he/she should write by seeing the micro Xerox paper. On the other side, a girl was using her iPhone to write the exam, she was just browsing and writing the answer. I was shocked and surprised, but the half-witted invigilator can’t notice her. This girl has real guts. The invigilators are nuts, they have a mentality that only weak students will do malpractices in the exam hall so they will be looking around them. It was an hour. I was kind of boredom. I started to sleep and was dreaming. Suddenly, someone tapped on my desk; invigilator asked me to get up. It will be annoying when someone wake you up while sleeping. What bothers him? If I sleep. I got up and I was in half sleep, so went out of the exam hall to wash my face and I came back. I started to write some stories on my answer sheet. Time passed by and just an hour more. We know our sittings before entering the exam hall. So some students used to keep their books under their desk so that it will be useful to write the answers. It’s funny when students used to get caught by the invigilator and get a zero on their answer sheets. Just 30 minutes more, it is a crucial moment and the answer sheets will be flying around the students and they write their answers by seeing the others. At the eleventh hour all students tied their papers properly and they returned back the answer sheets to the respective students. The bell rang after 3 hours. I successfully spent 3 hours in my exam hall. The truth to be told, I have not done any small malpractices what I mentioned above. It’s not that I am a good fellow. It’s that I am very much scared to do so. It was fun and entertaining. Hope I will do well in my next exam.

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