What the heck?

I mean what the heck?

It feels the civilization happened to the wrong species or way too early in the evolution.

I conclude we are not an intelligent species in general. Highly resourceful, know when to improvise, at times considerate and caring — but otherwise mostly driven by basic instincts of hate, greed and selfishness. Those traits had a value when the species was in small herds or mostly fending for oneself. Not anymore. We need intelligence.

Homo Sapiens? Really?

Every passing day, year, every passing election and every other such passing event highlighting the insane stupidity of large masses of people, shows the vital traits of intelligence — self realization, rational thinking, objective reasoning, empathy and of course emotional intelligence, are missing from large swathes of the species, and at least one or more of these traits are missing from all.

What the heck will we achieve by exploring the dark night and studying the universe, when we can not fix our intellectual shortcomings.

What the heck would we gain from colonizing Mars, when we can not prevent the utter destruction of our own, lone, lovely planet.

Why the heck we search for alien life, and extra terrestrials, when we treat the abundance and variety of living, intelligent, sentient, loving and at times mysterious life forms all around us, with powers we can not master, with senses we have only barely started to comprehend, with ability for compassion and community that challenge our sense of exceptionalism. These creatures that fit perfectly in the cog of nature as constructive, sustaining entities — and not like us humans. We are like a drunk guy who knows no limits and no balance.

What is all the technological achievement worth if it ends up in the hands of the myopic, greedy, barbaric, brutish, and often batshit crazy herds. What the fuck we live for, when we know our next generations are going to be worse-off than their preceding generation, for the first time in this so-called evolution, and we can’t do no jack shit about it.

What the hell is the point of living if we are disallowed or do not have time the very experiences that expand our perceptions and help us understand our life, our purpose, connect to our soul, and to our inner self.

Apologies for the rant, but it is the frustration within me — the anger that is not directed at anyone in specific, and everyone in general. Because we all are responsible for the destruction that may happen if we all stay silent. The destruction of lives of millions of people all over the world, the cruel, barbaric treatment and exploitation of animals every single minute, every where in this world, the senseless destruction of the very habitat and the world that sustains — these crimes are on all of us, if we don’t do nothing about it.

I have taken a pledge to do my bit to make things better. I know you are all better than me, and do a lot more than my lazy self can manage. And I thank you for that, and I aspire to be better every day.

I urge you to step up further. To make real difference for every individual around you. Let us try our bit to delay the destruction, with the hope that some miracle will change the course of our civilization. The miracle can not come from outside. It has to come from within. From us. All of us.

If we can not make that change happen, then WHAT THE HECK are we doing with our lives?