To my Lady love

Now that you are miles away from me for the first time in years, I kept on thinking for last few days, what could I do to make your birthday special. Few ideas I was pondering over were buying some gift and surprise you, sending some flowers, ordering a cake online, doing a painting, writing a song etc but none of them appealed to me this time in my usual style

For someone so special on her very special day, how about going back in time down the memory lane before our wedding when there was no Gmail, Facebook or WhatsApp where I used to write a mail everyday from my hotmail sitting in Bangalore and you would so curiously wait for them every single day after work and treasured all of them with so much love taking printouts, reading again and again for hours together in Mumbai monsoons.

Those were the days when life used to be standstill, when our dreams were still shaping up together on how our life’s journey will unfold waiting to cherish every moment as it comes

So many years passed by since then and we have changed countries, continents so many times back and forth and it’s been a rollercoaster ride all along but the thought of me not being around by your side on your birthday never occurred to me in all these years and so I never knew how it would feel like.

May be life throws an opportunity once in a while to realize things that we take for granted and express them as well and I certainly don’t want to miss one. All the small things you do everyday mean so much to me and the love and bond we share has only grown leaps and bounds over the years and I can’t tell you how special a person you are not only for me but for everyone around you .

Let’s not have the long distance spoil the mood of the celebration for the birthday girl as my thoughts, wishes and blessings are always with you on this very special day

Wish you a very joyful and HAPPY BIRTHDAY and may God shower his blessings for a brighter and prosperous future ahead

With lots of Luv

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