Fear management-Short Overview

Whether we like it or not, fear forms an essential part of our life. But how exactly do we manage this fear in order to reap rich benefits out of that. This is the exact theme of this little article. It attempts to give you an insight into your own fear factors, their possible origin, possible solutions that you could find if you have the genuine desire to do so. It also takes certain amount of physical and psychological pain in order to do it. Sometimes you may have to do exactly against your own beliefs, but believe me no negative actions will be advocated here. But sometimes, the human mind is so accustomed to negations that positive thought also seems to be a great and painful task. This is the reason exactly why I said you may have to undergo pain in order to use your fear factor for benefits rather than trying to overcome it. Because, everyone knows that overcoming fear is theoretically possible, like a machine is said to work at 100% efficiency only on paper.

Most of the times, we get the fear of being refused/unable to get something like money on time, love, fulfilled lust/desire etc. The fear becomes double if the previous experience had taught so. But if the previous experience had been not cruel also, the fear still keeps haunting us. Most of the times, we have experienced fear due to previous failures. But we fail to see one thing clearly. It is “WE FAILED BECAUSE WE TRIED.”

That means we did something and failed in getting results. This time we have gained experience out of that failure. We have realized our mistakes and are ready to take precautionary measures to avert the same mistakes. Before trying we need some amount of self assurance that we can make it if we remain dedicated and honest in our approach.